Visual FoxPro FLLs

Several years ago, Craig Boyd (in a seemingly highly-caffeinated world which has 36-hour days) created several excellent FLL libraries for Visual FoxPro.  These libraries made it easy to zip and unzip files, make HTTP and FTP requests, and encrypt and decrypt data.

The Visual FoxPro FLLs Craig created truly extended the power of Visual FoxPro, and I have used all three in many production scenarios.

In 2012, Craig was awarded the much-deserved FoxPro Community Lifetime Achievement Award for his countless contributions to the Visual FoxPro Community.  Unfortunately, Craig’s website has been inaccessible for awhile.  I’ve posted the zip files for the FLLs here, along with links to the documentation pages on his blog for each FLL.

The links point to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine snapshots of his blog.

Each zip file contains the most recent version of the FLL from Craig’s blog, the EULA he included with each FLL, and (with the exception of VFPEncryption) sample programs he created for testing/learning the FLLs (the samples are also included on the documentation links).

You can download the FLL’s here: (38,597 bytes)
Contains EULA.txt, program1.prg, vfpcompression.fll (the FLL is dated December 5, 2008) (412,721 bytes)
Contains VFPConnectionEULA.txt, vfpconnectiontests.prg, vfpconnection.fll (the FLL is dated December 5, 2008) (141,867 bytes)
Contains VFPEncryptionEULA.txt, vfpencryption.fll, vfpencryption71.fll (both FLLs are dated August 19, 2009)

Documentation links for each of the FLLs are listed below.  Please note these links point to the Wayback Machine instead of the original blog site:

Major VFP Encryption Update (August 9, 2009)

VFPCompression Update – Fix and ZipFile Comment Support – (December 1, 2008)

VFPConnection Update – HTTP Post, FTP Commands and More… (December 5, 2008)

In addition to Craig’s documentation, Doug Hennig has written some excellent whitepapers on each of these Visual FoxPro FLLs, and he also has sample code for each on his Technical Papers page.  Each article and set of samples are linked below:

Compression the Fast (and Cheap!) WayWhite Paper / Sample Code

Email and File Transfer the Fast (and Cheap!) WayWhite Paper / Sample Code

Encryption the Fast (and Cheap!) WayWhite Paper / Sample Code


  • Mike Potjer

    Thanks for making sure these useful functions don’t disappear from the internet. Coincidentally, I was just working on a wrapper for the VFPEncryption library today.

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  • Jimmy Tan

    Oh no. Any chance you can recover the excellent vfp tutorials (flash) parts 1 to 3.
    I always go back to it as a reference. Here’s hoping.

    • Kevin Ragsdale

      Hi Jimmy,

      The Error Handling videos and source code are available via the Wayback Machine. I will post them to the site as well. Unfortunately, it looks like the other videos are not available.