Visual FoxPro Books

In my opinion, the best books about Visual FoxPro have been published by Hentzenwerke Publishing. Though some are a bit dated, each and every book I’ve purchased from Hentzenwerke has paid for itself many times over.

If you want to save some big bucks, order directly from Hentzenwerke. You can save 50% if you order 4 or more printed books that are in stock directly from Hentzenwerke. Save another 15% if you order 6 or more.


  • Buy four or more printed books that are in stock and get an additional 50% discount off of your usual discounts (their usual 10% for 3 or more, plus PUTM and Preferred Customer discounts if applicable.)
  • Sale only applicable to orders placed through their online order form.
  • Discount only applicable if order includes at least four printed books that are in stock. (Discount applies to all items purchased, though.)
  • Discount applied at end of order.

Hentzenwerke Publishing Online Catalog